My name is Emily.
I love people. I love art. I love creating. I love going on adventures. I love quiet moments.
I was raised in the beautiful State of Utah. Though it is not the only place I have called home, it is where I have settled and placed my roots. I have a wonderful man to call mine and together we adventure in life with 2 Dachshunds and 1 Quaker parrot.

I discovered a love for saving moments in high school. I found 2 cameras at the thrift store and much to my parents chagrin spent a lot of money on film. I captured everything from lunchtime shenanigans, to moments in the hall, parties, dances, and so much more. I love and cherish these pictures as it reminds of good moments in my life!

I am chasing my dream of photography years later. I want to give you the same feeling I have when I look at my snapshots from my life. I want to help you freeze time if only for a moment because they are so fleeting. Suddenly a baby is a teenager. Suddenly a grandmother is no longer with us. Suddenly you went from the first date to the first child. Suddenly you are saying I do to the girl you ran into at the coffee shop.

I want to help give you these moments to hang on your wall, to pass down to your children and grandchildren, to look at when you have moments of nostalgia, and to have when you realize you can't remember what 10 years ago looked like. Lets start a conversation and seal in time this moment in your life!